I figure we must have crossed the Pyrenees about eight times over the years without ever spending any real time there. We thought we ought to make the Pyrenees the reason for our next trip. Get the bike on some mountain roads and hope for good weather.

Last year, on our trip to Dubrovnik, we were very unlucky with the weather – suffering torrential downpours and cold anytime we got higher than 500 feet.

Also, the last trip felt a bit long. This time we planned for 15 days, spending two nights each in Montpellier, Toulouse and Girona. In the end, our Pyrenees holiday was pretty near perfect.

This is a chronological tale of our trip. It's long. It says that on our two-week holiday we saw some beautiful sights, ate some wonderful food and drank some excellent wines. It says we had the best biking weather you could imagine until the last 60 miles when we had light, steady rain until Calais. It says the bike's radiator boiled over twice, but only caused minor grief.